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Town of Huntington Code of Ethics

Code of EthicsThe Code of Ethics - updated by the Town Board during 2015 and found at Chapter 29 of the Town Code, it is intended to provide clear and reasonable standards for ethical conduct. It applies to all Town officers and employees, and its purpose is to foster integrity in government, promote public confidence, and facilitate the discharge of official duties without fear of unwarranted accusations of unethical conduct.

For related forms and guidance material, please see the links listed below.


The Plain Language Guide
This document is an easy reference guide summarizing the ethical requirements described in Chapter 29 of the Town Code.

Financial Disclosure Packet
Instructions for completing the Financial Disclosure Form.
Financial Disclosure Form.

Board of Ethics Complaint Procedures
The procedures to be followed to allege an ethics violation on the part of a Town officer or employee.  

Educational Material
Documents and materials intended to provide guidance for Town officers and employees, in government ethics.